Facilities are susceptible to regular wear and tear. Doors and walls need wall protection paneling and the Acrovyn wall covering and panel system has the right protection solutions for your interior.

This product has numerous colors, wall covering profiles, real wood, simulated patterns and metals that improve the look of interiors while protecting them from wear and tear.

Acrovyn High Impact Wall Covering

Acrovyn wall covering is offered in a variety of solid colors with standard Suede texture supplied in 4’ x 8’ or 4′ x 10’ rigid sheet. Various thicknesses are available in Chameleon with Suede texture supplied in 4’ x 10’ sheets.

Acrovyn by Design

Acrovyn by Design provides business owners, architects and interior designers the freedom to use large-format graphics, photography and messages, embedded behind durable Acrovyn sheets. This creates beautiful interiors without worrying about damage to the design.

Wall protection panel design mediums for doors, panels and wall coverings

  • Photography
  • Branding
  • Patterns
  • Illustrations
  • Wayfinding
  • Textures
  • Tapestry

What’s The Best Wall Protection Panelling System To Use For My Building Project?

If you need a stunning wall projection system for your building project, Acrovyn is the answer. We recommend this panel system because it’s rigid wall covering is perfect for protection against wall and door surfaces. It’s multi-use, versatile and has the right wall protection solutions to protect your interior and provide a pleasing aesthetic.

Why Is a Wall Protection Panelling System Good To Use?

A wall protection paneling system is not only durable and sleek, it comes in a number of styles and finishes to suit your project. Our protection paneling comes with a selection of commercial wall protectors for facilities such as: Education, Healthcare, Office, Retail, Hospitality and more.

Acrovyn Saratoga Wall Protection Paneling System

The Saratoga wall system offers sheet, horizontal trim, vertical trim, and corner components. These range in length, thickness, and styles to help you choose the exact details for your next project. All the components are available in a multitude of solid colors, simulated wood, and textured patterns

Acrovyn Wall Component Styles

  • Rigid Wall Covering
  • Saratoga Component Detail Notched Wainscot
  • Notched Wainscot
  • Saratoga Component Detail Acrovyn Feature Rails
  • Acrovyn Feature Rails for Wainscot Height
  • Saratoga Component Detail Handrail Backer
  • Handrail Backer Board Horizontal Trim
  • Saratoga Component Detail Sheet Vertical Trim
  • Sheet Vertical Trim
  • Saratoga Component Detail Wall Base Trim
  • Wall Base Trim
  • Saratoga Component Detail Inside Corner
  • Inside Corner
  • Saratoga Component Detail Outside Corner
  • Outside Corner

How Do I Get Acrovyn Wall Covering Protection Installed For My Building Project?

If you need a wall protection system installed, contact us by phone 604-715-9469 for a consultation to schedule an on-site measurement, or use our form to request a quote.

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