Octaform Quickliner PVC uses the same technology in walls and ceilings that protects concrete from harsh environments. It can transform walls and fasten to your structure into a bright and clean environment that is resistant to fading, corrosion and dirt.

Hygenic, Durable and Longlasting

Quickliner panels adhere to strict sanitation standards and is extruded from food-grade PVC. They are perfect for anywhere hygiene is essential such as food-processing facilities.

If you need wall or ceiling protection from moisture and chemicals, Quickliner is an excellent choice.

Quickline is easy to clean and it forms a barrier between the wall and elements that can damage it.

Why are the features of Octaform Quickliner?

Octaform Quickliner has 4 important attributes:


Extruded from an industry-leading grade of PVC and are heavy duty.


This panel design supports contraction and expansion in various temperatures. The Panels are supported every 16” to 24” and can be fastened to any structure.


This allows for a quick and simple installation and contains wide, interlocking tongue and groove joint which hides fasteners.

What’s The Best Wall Protection Panelling System To Use For My Building Project?

We recommend the Octaform Interlocking PVC Panel because it has a wide, glossy-finish with an extruded PVC panel. Additionally, it has interlocking tongue and groove joints along each panel edge. It also provides a superior aesthetic and is easy to maintain.

Why Is Octaform Interlocking PVC Panel Good To Use?

If you’re concerned with susceptibility to moisture or abrasive cleaning chemicals, Octaform PVC is the right solution because they’re hygienic and durable. It also converts damaged walls to an original and bright finish. After installation, QuickLiner PVC panels defend against corroding and extend the life of your walls


Finish your job quickly and skillfully at any wall location. Easily replace damaged panels without removing or re-installing, and there’s no caulking or sealant is necessary.

How Do I Get Octaform Quickliner Wall Covering Protection Installed For My Building Project?

If you need a wall protection system installed, contact us by phone 604-715-9469 for a consultation to schedule an on-site measurement, or use our form to request a quote.

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