Nudo Fiberlite FRP are super durable, installs directly onto solid wall surfaces and can be used for drop-in ceilings on your new or retrofit construction project. Nudo’s FRP are easy to maintain, hygienic and have remarkable physical and mechanical properties.

If you’re looking for moisture-resistant panels for your interior project, Fiberlite liner panels are your answer. Held directly onto gypsum or plywood walls with various adhesives, they come in 0.90” 0.100” thickness and come in numerous colors, textures and sizes, including 2’x2’ and 2’x4’.

Common applications for Fiberlite FRP include: Kitchens and Food Preparation Areas, Bathrooms and Hallways, Food Processing Plants, Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants.

What are the benefits of Fiberlite FRP?

Fiberlite FRP are 100% moisture resistant and meet the USDA and FDA requirements. They contain a thermal shock absorber and are chemical and shatter resistant. Fiberlite is low-maintenance and come in a number of colors and clean easily.

Colors and Finishes

Embossed colors available include: beige, white, silver, pearl, ivory and more. For Class-A fire ratings we have everything from: red, blue, pineapple, almond, black and many more color options for Class-C fire ratings. Finishes include: smooth and cracked ice.

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