Graham, the producers of the Glasliner product line of Fibreglass Reinforced Wall and Ceiling Panels offers state of the art, hygienic products to choose from.

Graham Glasliner (formally known as Exceliner) FRP Wall and Ceiling Panels are excellent choices for a number of commercial or industrial buildings, such as: agricultural buildings, food processing plants, restaurants plus many more. If you require hygienic, durability, and easy maintenance, Glasliner and Exceliner are highly recommended.

Glasliner and Exceliner offers a number of important features for your building project which could include such spaces as food processing areas, kitchens, restaurants and many more. Glasliner and Exceliner FRP panels are moisture resistant which prevents mold and mildew and will not rust or corrode. When it comes to toughness, they have a very high strength-to-weight ratio and a tough surface that resists everything from scratches to shattering. Finally they’re manufactured with numerous certifications and are highly impact resistant, and possess exceptional clean-ability

Other Glasliner and Exceliner products we install include:

  • Wall Panels – Easy to clean, hygienic and perfect for high-traffic locations.

Additionally, Graham’s Gasoliner FRP Wall and Ceiling Panels offers an Antimicrobial Interior Wall & Ceiling Cladding product line. Independently tested in laboratories, this is a polyester resin-based FRP panel created specifically for areas that require a highly sanitary and hygienic environment, preventing the growth of bacteria. It also prevents stains and odors which can cause contamination.

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