Acrovyn and Stainless Steel Wall Panels at the BC Cancer Agency

If you need an x-ray, CT scan, MRI or ultrasound as part of your care you may be asked to visit Radiology (the diagnostic imaging department) located on the 3rd floor of the BC Cancer Agency building. Radiology provides a variety of imaging services requested by health care professionals. The wall protection products used need to be resistant to the important medical processes conducted in the room and also durable enough to withstand the x ray machines used by healthcare professionals in this space. The Acrovyn wall panels enabled us to add a beautiful design to the project that camouflages the amazing durability of these panels.

  • Acrovyn 4000 0.040 Thick Wall panels (Color 949 White Suede Texture)
  • CG1 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Corner Guards Type 304. Satin Finish.

FRP Panels for BC Hops Co. Kiln Room

FRP Installations was able to outfit BC Hops Co. with stainless steal panels. Thanks to the incredible growth of the craft beer industry, hops are serious business in British Columbia.  Brewmasters are passionate about the quality of hops they use to make your favorite beer and we are equally passionate about delivering what they need. BC Hop Co works with partner farmers to harvest locally grown hops and uses modern innovation to process and distribute the highest quality wholesale hops in Canada.

FRP Panels Help BC Hops Co Harvest and Process Their Trademarked Hops Varieties

We installed 18 Gauge stainless steel panels with custom metal work. Stainless was used due to its ability to tolerate heat. Stainless steal is a non combustible material which was important in this case because the Kiln room reaches 200 Deg Fahrenheit. The FRP Panels were mechanically fastened to block wall. We’re tempted to say that stainless panels are the powerhouse of wall protection systems and furthermore, they’re easy to clean & maintain which will serve this business handedly in the future as they grow.

BC Hop Co harvests and processes Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Cashmere and our trademarked Lumberjack varieties. BC Hops Co. says great growing conditions and efficient harvesting is 50% of the process necessary to create the best hop product for brewing great beer.


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