Wall Protection for a Face Mask Manufacturing Plant in Surrey

We outfitted a mask manufacturing plant that has opened up in Surrey, BC since the outbreak of Covid-19 with FRP panels. Of course, the mask manufacturing plant needs to be completely sanitary for the process of manufacturing and safe for the staff. These FRP panels will help keep the environment sanitary and well protected in the long run.

Marine Drive Medical Clinic Primacy in South Vancouver

We installed FRP panels throughout this clinic on Marine Drive in South Vancouver. Keeping the walls of the clinic sanitary was their primary concern. The panels also provided extra durability as it is a high-traffic area. The panels should serve the clinic, and the public who frequent the clinic, well for years to come.

FRP, FRL and FIBO with Custom Logo Engraving

We had the pleasure of completing an FRP, FRL and FIBO wall panel installation at Port Alberni Secondary School. The panels were installed throughout the school, in the gym, change rooms and hallways. This involved having some of the panels engraved with the schools ‘Armada Athletics’ custom logo before being installed. The outcome looked subtle and suited the schools brand while also making the rooms safer and more sanitary for students!

This small cannabis producer needed a product that could withstand various processes associated with producing cannabis. Our white Graham pebbled panels provided them the protection and sanitation they needed to safely produce cannabis in a smaller facility.

Conair is pleased to offer simulator leasing at their new training facility located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The state of the art facilities will house an AVRO RJ level D FFS and an AT-802 Level 2 FTD. These simulators are used to train firefighting pilots who protect Canada’s forests and infrastructure from natural wildfires.

FRP Installations has the pleasure of helping this facility outfit their new hydraulic room with wall protection panels that will protect during the world class aerial forest fire management training that takes place in the room.

“Conair has provided world class aerial forest fire management services to a wide variety of domestic and international Forest Protection Agencies for over 50 consecutive years. We continue to work closely with numerous protection programs to find innovative solutions to economic, operational and technical challenges.”

Sanitary FRP Panels in a New Breakfast Restaurant in Abbotsford, BC

A new Cora’s breakfast restaurant franchise opened in Abbotsford, British Columbia and FRP Installations had the privilege of outfitting the establishment with smooth, white FRP panels. The Graham Smooth White panels they selected are easy to clean and are resistant to temperature fluctuations, making them and excellent choice for the kitchen and food prep areas of the new restaurant.
FRP panels to kitchen, prep, Office areas.
Product used. Graham exceliner White Smooth, 4’x10′ sheets in a 0.090″ Gauge/thickness.
Date installed. Feb 2020

Fresh, Smooth White FRP Panels installed at Houweling’s Farm

Houweling’s Farm in Delta needed complete outfitting with FRP Panels in our standard smooth white finish.  Houweling’s went with FRP wall protection panels because they are one of the most sanitary and easy to clean options. They also help meet the requirements set out by the agricultural licensing & compliance regulatory body and they can be quickly and easily installed throughout a large space. Our clients also appreciated the clean crisp look of the FRP panels.

FRP Helped Houweling’s Transition from a Greenhouse to a Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Houweling’s is transitioning from a greenhouse to a cannabis cultivation facility and needed FRP panels to help meet facility requirements. FRP was used in many rooms including the: break room, kitchen, garment rooms, storage, all corridors, and shipping areas.

Further Details:

  • Thicker Gauge: 0.09″ (other FRP panels from Crane, Panolam are 0.075″ thick). Graham panels are almost 17% more material thickness offering better wall protection and impact resistance.
  • All graham’s panels are “Agri-Canada Certified” & CFIA  (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) Approved.
  • Class C Panel CAN/ULC S102-10
  • Flame Spread rating under 150

FRP Panels for BC Hops Co. Processing Facility

Traditional large scale processing involves hundreds of thousands of pounds of hops being dried over direct fired furnaces where exhaust fumes mingle with the hop oils. They are then conditioned on open concrete floors and can take up to 3 days from harvest to baling. This European technology uses indirect heat, a more rapid drying process, and air conditioning to bring the hops into final baling condition all in less than ONE day from harvest. This more gentle process preserves more of the field freshness. Finally we rely on the best in class “soft pellet” process ultimately creating a T-90 pellet that is more aromatic and emulsifies better in the brewing process. By creating a more resinous product, we bring more of that field fresh aroma to the hopping process.

To Help Facilitate that Process FRP Installed White FRP Panels

We installed white FRP Panels in areas outside the kiln room. These standard white panels install easily and are sanitary and easy to clean.

Cannabis Cultivation Curing and Drying Room in the Fraser Valley

FRP Panels are incredibly popular with the rising cannabis cultivation industry.  Their affordability and the easy with which they can be installed makes them a great option for facilities designed for growing and processing cannabis. Since cannabis cultivation facilities need to be built and outfitted prior to applying for their production lisence, our products are a great solution for cannabis producers who are just getting started with the process and want to keep costs-low as they get started with the lisencing process.

Thicker Wall Panels for Better Protection

We used FRP panels with a gauge/thickness of 0.09″ (other FRP panels from Crane, Panolam are 0.075″ thick. Slightly thinner. Graham panels are almost 17% more material thickness offering better wall protection. All graham’s panels are “Agri-Canada Certified” & “CFIA  Approved” Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  Class C Panel CAN/ULC S102-10 Flame Spread rating under 150.

FRP Panels for Cannabis Cultivation Rooms in Abbotsford

FRP panels are growing in popularity among cannabis cultivation facilities because FRP panels are easy to install, sanitary and can withstand the moist environment of a cannabis cultivation facility. Cannabis cultivation cultivation rooms require more panels than many of our other projects and often last longer – spanning a few days to a week. This cannabis cultivation room in Abbotsford needed a timely install and the results allowed them to progress with the process of applying for a permit to operate as a cannabis producer with the compliance sector.

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