Fiberglass reinforced plastic panels (FRP Panels) are a cost effective, readily available, & easy to install building material system. Compared to other wall covering & wall protection systems such as wall tile, stainless steel panels, or wood panels, FRP has a much lower material, installation, and maintenance cost. Therefore, when considering the overall lifetime cost, FRP is by far a cheaper solution and provides other added maintenance benefits such as being corrosion resistant, mold/mildew resistant and impact resistant.

FRP panels are ordered by the sheet and although other sizes can be custom ordered, we generally work with 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 10’, or 4’ x 12’ sheet sizes in 0.090͟ thicknesses. FRP Panel installations are part of a complete system which maximize the protection of your wall assemblies that include End caps, Division bars, Inside and Outside Corners. (High impact outside corners are available upon request). Sheets are trimmed & custom fitted on site with our skilled team of installers by use of special trimming tools, drills, & variety of hand tools. As a result, during installation, no torches, welding or soldering is required as FRP Panels are generally adhered to wall substrates with an appropriate FRP adhesive. Although less common, FRP Panels can be mechanically fastened to wall substrates by use of nylon rivets which come in complimentary colours of FRP sheets ordered.

Our experienced team can help suggest the best configuration to give you a long lasting and economical wall protection system solution.

FRP Panels are protected against corrosion by a wide range of chemicals and are unaffected by moisture or being immersed in water making it ideal for areas where water spills and chemical spills may occur. Common applications of FRP panels include restaurant/commercial kitchens, hospitals, laboratories, doctor offices, and many more areas.

Unlike traditional building materials, such as wood, concrete, and stainless steel; FRP panels will not permanently deform or break under impact. FRP Panels are designed to distribute impact load to prevent most surface damage, even in extremely cold environments, such as walk-in freezers.

FRP Panels are a lightweight material, weighing in at approximately ⅔ of the weight of aluminum, and ¼ the weight of steel. By being lightweight, it helps to reduce installation and maintenance costs.

FRP Panels have great flexural strength, beating timber, and pound-for-pound is usually stronger than common metals such as steel or aluminum in its lengthwise direction. Due to its strength, FRP wall panels are great for heavy use and industrial applications.

FRP Panel sheets offer superior flexibility which simplifies installation. Despite being extremely flexible, FRP is still more than three times as rigid as lumber and will not deform (permanently) under working load making it a great solution for high traffic areas that take a lot of abuse.

FRP panels have low thermal conductivity which make it a great insulator which maintains a constant temperature and as a result is always cool to the touch.

FRP Panels are non-conductive and do not need to be grounded due to their high dielectric capability making them a great solution for data clean rooms, server rooms, and other computer rooms where conductivity can result in data loss.

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